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This video explains how to solve problems involving percentage. We look at a key for how to translate a percentage question into a math equation. Three examples are given.




Welcome to Your Tutor Online video podcast. In this lesson, we’ll learn how to solve problems which use percent. Most percentage problems are asked in a sentence and do not begin as an equation. We need to be able to translate this question into a math equation.


To accomplish this we need a translation key. Whenever we see the word “what” in our question, we’re going to replace it with a variable – just a letter to stand in its place. When we see “percent,” we know we’re going to divide whatever comes before it by 100. “Is” means equal, and numbers don’t get translated. We’re just going to write down exactly as we see the number in the original question. Finally, “of” means the same thing as multiply. Now, we simply apply this key to any percentage problem we come across.


Go from left to right and translate it exactly as you read it. 45 is a number so we’re going to write that down the same. Is means equal. What is our variable. Now, you use N here. Percent, we’re going to divide the thing before the percent by 100. Of is multiply, and the 60.


Now, we have a math equation setup and we just need to solve for N. When we multiply 45 by 100 and divide by 60, the inverse operation is here. We find out that N is 75. So to answer our question, 45 is 75% of 60. Here’s another example. 35 is just a number so it goes directly into our equation. Is means equal. 20, another number, goes directly into our equation. Percent divide by 100. Of means multiply.


What number all of that together means our variable N. We have our equation setup, and we can solve for N. We’re going to multiply 35 by 100, divide it by 20, and we get 175 for our answer. Let’s look at one last example for today. What number is our variable? Is becomes equal. 65 is just a number so it gets written directly into the equation. Percent divide by 100. Of 120. N here when we simplify 65 over 100 times 120 simplifies out to 78.


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June 4th, 2008 at 12:17 pm

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