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This video covers the process of FOILing two binomials. Multiply: First, Outer, Inner, Last. A trick is given to help you remember the order.




Welcome to Your Tutor Online video lessons. Today we are going to look at how to FOIL. FOILing is what you do when you multiply two binominals together. FOIL is an acronym which stands for First, Outer, Inner, and Last.


When we talk about the first terms, we are going to look at each respective parenthesis. The first term in each parenthesis is the first term. The outer terms are for the outside of the entire thing, our 2x and our negative 5 are both our outside terms. The inside is just the opposite, so the two closest to each other. And then last, the two terms that are last in each of the parenthesis. So, 3 and negative 5.


And now we just follow our acronym in order: First, Outer, Inner, Last. First, we will multipy together our two first terms, our 2x and our x which gives us 2x squared. Next is outer, 2x and negative 5. 2x times negative 5 is negative 10x. Our inside terms are 3 and x which gives us positive 3x. And our last terms 3 and negative 5 gives us negative 15.


Now, almost always you will end up with your two middle terms being like terms so you just want to combine those two as your final answer. 2x squared, combine our two like terms (-10x and positve 3x) gives us negative 7x and minus 15.


Here’s a tip for you to remember to do the FOILing in the correct way. If you look back up here, how I drew the lines, I have almost a little smile face. Here is the smile, the nose, and two eye-ball looking things. If you get the smile face at the end that means you drew your FOIL correctly and you multiplied the terms together correctly.


Alright, I am going to show you how to draw this face one more time so you have a good check for when you have to do FOIL on your own. We are going to follow in order: First, Outer, Inside, Last. For the first term, we will start above the problem. Connect the first two terms with an arc. So in this example, 3x and 2x and that will give us our first eye brow. Now the outside, we will connect our two outside terms 3x and 1, which gives us our smile. The inside terms, the 2 and the 2x, gives us our nose. And our last terms, negative 2 and positive 1, give us our last eyebrow. And now if you did it correctly you will see a face in here. And now you know you did your problem correctly.


I hope you found this lesson useful. And, as always I’m glad to accept your donations. I am asking $1 per lesson. That is the cheapest tutoring that is out there. You can head over to my website at YourTutorOnline.com and click the donate button at the top of the page. I want to thank everybody for all of their comments they leave over at YouTube, keep them coming. I appreciate the comments and questions. And if you need more help, I am available for private tutoring. Just head on over to my webpage at YourTutorOnline.com and click on the tutoring link at the top of the page for more information. You could all help me out by writing a review of my podcast at PodcastAlley.com or write a review in iTunes. I will see you all next time, class dismissed.


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Matrix Addition

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This video covers the basics of matrices and how to add them together. I am trying my hand at Adobe Flash. Let me know how you like this new style by clicking “Comments >>” below.



Welcome to Your Tutor Online video lessons. Today we will look at matrices and matrix addition.


A matrix is a way to organize numbers. It has rows and columns. This gives us our dimensions. In this example, this matrix is a 2 by 3 matrix because it has two rows and three columns.


In order to add matrices they must have the same dimensions. Here, we have two matrices that have 2 rows and 2 columns each. All we have to do is add up the corresponding numbers in each matrix and put that answer in a new matrix in the same spot. So, we’ll start with the numbers in the first row, first column; add those together and put that answer in the first row, first column. We’ll repeat with the number in the first row, second column and so on for each number until you’ve got your answer.

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